Why Do Fruits and Vegetables Make You Hungry

Why Do Fruits and Vegetables Make You Hungry



Believe it or not, but your body was designed to thrive on a plant-based diet. However, if you are on the standard American diet, then Vegetation Removal Melbourne you have probably realized by now that fruits and vegetables make you hungry instead of filling you up. Therefore the majority of people do not believe that you can live off of fruits and vegetables alone. But the truth is, once your body gets used to the raw foods, you will be able to fill up on them faster than on any steak.

So Why The Hunger?

The reason that fruits and vegetables make you hungry is because your digestive tract is coated with a protective layer to prevent the absorption of foreign substances found in animal proteins, processed foods and cooked foods. If your intestines did not have this protective layer your body would get sick due to the amount of toxins that it would absorb from the toxic foods that you eat.

Animal proteins can stay in your body for up to 4 days before they are eliminated. This gives the body time to break down and absorb the nutrients from those foods. Fruits and vegetables on the other hand can leave the body in less than 24 hours. This means that they do not stay in your system long enough for you to be able to absorb all the nutrients. They can leave your stomach in a few hours after eating, and thus you feel hungry again after this time.

Fiber Removes the Coating

Therefore in order for you to be able to fill up on raw fruits and vegetables you need to eliminate the foods that create this coating along the walls of your intestines. Once this coating is removed you will be able to fill up on fruits and vegetables just like you do now with meat. The only difference is that you will eat a lot less, as your body is able to absorb so much more.

To remove the coating just keep on eating lots of fruits and vegetables, as they are high in fiber which bulks up in your digestive system to help your body to eliminate this coating gradually.

Transitioning to a Raw Diet

Transitioning to the raw diet is difficult as it requires that you eliminate from your diet most foods that you are used to. But this is absolutely necessary if you want to be able to obtain and absorb all the nutrients that are found in fruits and vegetables. For as long as you keep eating toxic foods your digestive system will continue to secrete juices to coat the intestines.



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