Domain Age – Hardly Matters For Good Rankings On Google

I don’t really think Google now gives high weight-age to domain age. Had been they so, Facebook, Digg, Technorati, etc would not have good SERP. Instead what I think is the popularity and traffic of website that really matters. People always measure the popularity in terms of PR. This is again myth because Google webmaster does not think so. They are of the opinion 웹하드순위 of not thinking too much about PR. In a fast changing Google’s algorithms inclined more towards universal search, being rigid over the PR as a strong measuring tool for your website shows an outdated thought.

I reiterate that domain age as ranking factor is just a hype made by people who are into domain buying and selling business. To make sure their business will run smoothly and there remain many buyers and sellers, they have promoted this and have populated articles, blogs, etc across various websites with such misleading opinion.

Someone argues that domain age does matter because Google considers this as a measuring tool to authenticate a web site. Longer be the domain age registration, higher trust value Google assigns to such site to avoid SPAMMING sites which are booked for a short time. This is hype and unfortunately many SEO firms have begun believing this.



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