Are Your Web Pages Easy to Read? If Not, You’re Losing Prospects

When writing your web pages, make sure they’re easy to read. Your visitors only spend a few seconds examining a new site they visit. If your site is hard to read, they might run away to the next site available.

So how do you make sure your Web site is easy to read?

First, you want to write using short paragraphs. This includes any articles 웹하드  and content you write. A common mistake is writing in long paragraphs. When your Web site visitor sees big chunks of text, it looks like a lot of work to read. And he or she might not spend the time to read it.

For myself, I find that whenever I browse articles online, many articles have big chunks of text. Since there are so many articles to choose to read from, I only spend a few seconds on each article to see if it’s worth reading.

When I see big chunks of text, it’s hard to skim. So it’s hard for me to decide whether it’s worth the time to read the article. Since there are so many articles to choose to read from, I find that I don’t take the time to skim if it can’t be easily skimmed.


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